Bootcamps are 3-hour clinics that are focused on a variety of topics.  Concepts, strategies, tactics and skills are developed and integrated through a variety of drills and modified games.  All of our instructors teach bootcamps on a wide variety of topics specific to every level.  Please choose the Bootcamps based on levels defined below.

BEGINNERS – Players must have taken Beginners Point class or the equivalent.  Players must have played games already, know the rules and how to score.

ADVANCED BEGINNERS (2.75-3.0) – Advanced Beginners are seasoned players who frequently take private lessons, participate in bootcamps, drill and play daily. They may have had previous racquet-sport experience too.
Please review the Advanced Beginner skill level requirements

INTERMEDIATE (3.0-3.5) – Players must have a DUPR rating of 3.0 or above or meet our 3.0 skill level requirements

ADVANCED (3.5+) – Players must have a DUPR rating of 3.5 or higher or meet our 3.5 skill level requirements


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