Pickleball Training

From beginners to intermediate and advanced players, we offer pickleball clinics, lessons, drills and competitive play designed to help players step up to the next level.  We like to have FUN while enhancing skills at all levels.

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Pickleball Leagues

Our learning leagues at VICTORIUM offer the ideal blend of social fun along with competitive games in order to foster the growth of pickleball and the opportunity for players to improve their skills.   VICTORIUM welcomes players of all levels.  Each league brings different people together, bonded by one commonality, the love of pickleball.

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Intro to Pickleball

As our way of giving back, we want to help newcomers to pickleball feel welcome.  To help new players get started, we offer an overview of the rules, scoring and tips regarding how to play the game. This overview is FREE and is offered once a month at VICTORIUM.

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A Winning Philosophy

Our goal is to create a supportive environment where everyone wins.  Most pickleball players want and need a "playground" environment where they feel supported and free to try new shots and develop new skills.

We encourage players to expand their toolkit by incorporating new tactics and techniques into their games.  It has been said that Pickleball is the easiest sport to learn but the hardest to master.  As one person begins to experience more wins in this sport, we all win.

At Dink All Day, we feel as if we've already won because of all the players we have met and all the relationships we have formed.  We are so grateful for the several hundreds of people who have positively impacted our lives already in this fun, quirky sport!


Next Steps...

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