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Announcement: Late Summer Programs start August 5th.  Newsletter will be published late July.  Have a great summer!

A Winning Philosophy

Our goal is to create a supportive environment where everyone wins. Most pickleball players want and need a “playground” environment where they feel supported and free to try new shots and develop new skills.

We encourage players to expand their toolkit by incorporating new tactics and techniques into their games. It has been said that Pickleball is the easiest sport to learn but the hardest to master. As one person begins to experience more wins in this sport, we all win.

At Dink All Day, we feel as if we’ve already won because of all the players we have met and all the relationships we have formed. We are so grateful for the countless “pickleball peeps” who have positively impacted our lives already and we welcome many more joyous adventures that will undoubtedly emerge!

Our Programs

Dink All Day manages the pickleball training program at VICTORIUM. All of our bootcamps, drills, leagues, etc. at VICTORIUM are open to the public. There is no membership fee to participate. Most of our programs fill to capacity soon after the schedule is published. Therefore we highly recommend subscribing to our newsletter.

Our Mission

We manage pickleball training programs.  Our programs, which are on the leading edge, include leagues, bootcamps, drills, special events and more. We cater to players of all levels and are committed to building a strong, safe community while enhancing skills and having fun.  For private lessons, please contact our instructors directly.

Upcoming Leagues

Customer Testimonials

Being a part of pickleball at VICTORIUM, I had no idea how much fun it would truly be. The playing and learning is awesome, but the best part is the friends we’ve made. I truly believe that is because you two create a spirit of good sportsmanship and fun. ❤


I just wanted to thank you for creating a warm, fun, challenging and safe environment for pickleballers! I have had a great time, every time. I have expanded my community by leaps and bounds due to you both and how you set the standards.  In appreciation and Hugs


Thank you….I adore you & Lester….you both are so kind!!!!!  We pickleball players are fortunate to have you!!!


What Dink All Day makes possible for all the players is awesome.


Thank you both!!! It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you both! You both have a gift and make a great team!  We look forward to future drills, leagues AND yes even bootcamps! Lol

Bob and Lisa

Richard and I want to thank you both. Thanks to your expertise, we have learned a lot and are on our way to becoming solid PB players.  We can’t tell you how much fun we had. You’ve designed the sessions perfectly. They include instructions, opportunity for practice and most importantly, FUN.  We couldn’t have come this far without you two.  We love you guys!

Ginny and Richard

I want to take a moment to thank both you and Lester for all the fun I’ve had with the leagues.  You two are the real reason the leagues work so well.  Thank you very much. 


Thank you for all your hard work putting on such a fun clinic for all of us today. I’m sad the summer months are taking away my being able to come to my happy place. Thanks also for all your help and encouragement.  You guys are the best, and I love you!!!



Pickleball Training

From beginners to intermediate and advanced players, we offer pickleball clinics, lessons, drills and competitive play designed to help players step up to the next level. We like to have FUN while enhancing skills at all levels.

Pickleball Leagues

Both our practice leagues and social leagues at VICTORIUM are highly popular.  Practice leagues offer the ideal opportunity for players to sharpen their skills.   Social leagues provide opportunities for players to meet other players at similar levels and build community.

Special Events

We offer a wide variety of special events including tournaments, fun mixers, round robins, and other sponsored events.  We also invite a wide variety of Pro Players to visit VICTORIUM in order to teach specialty clinics.

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