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We offer two types of leagues – Practice and Social

Practice vs. Social Leagues – know the difference before registering!

PRACTICE LEAGUES – The intention of the practice league is for players to improve their skills to advance to higher levels.  We use DUPR as a tool to help players measure improvements over time.  Practice Leagues offer instruction by PPR Certified Coaches.

Practice League Format

*DUPR ratings are required for registration.

We only initiate DUPR ratings for players registered in our Practice Leagues. If you are not DUPR rated, please register for our Beginner/Novice League or  

Initiate your own DUPR rating

SOCIAL LEAGUES – Social Leagues provide a safe place to build community, meet players at a similar level, and have fun.  The rotations are informal and no coaching is provided.  No DUPR rating is required.

Both leagues support the FOUR PILLARS OF DINK ALL DAY

Practice and Social Leagues



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